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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 18, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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san jose struggled to reign in crime forced police to take action on two fronts. good evening everybody i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. new at 10:00, matt keller is live at city hall and he tells us the topics tonight included discussions on police response times getting slower. >> reporter: the crime meeting
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is still going on here at the council chambers. in its flier it asked the question, with crime on the rise what can you do to protect your family and possessions. >> reporter: a senate session usually doesn't get your heart racing. but the spike in crime that caused the council to call the meeting certainly does. >> even with one of the best trained police departments in the nation we are stretched terribly thin. >> reporter: san jose was on pace for the largest number of rapes, robbery, vehicle thefts, burglaries and larcenies in the past year. soon to retire police chief chris moore told the council what the department is doing. on the other side of town the police officers association held a crime prevention meeting in the evergreen neighborhood. >> this area particularly has
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seen 150% increase in burglaryings. 200% increase in rapes, response times to all calls are significantly up. >> reporter: response times for priority one calls including homicides and robberies has increased from five minutes 55 seconds in 2007 to 2008. to six minutes 34 seconds in 2012. response times inn kraoezed from 11:23 seconds to 22 minutes, 52 seconds. >> i'm concerned what can we do to help ourselves. >> reporter: mayor reed said no decisions will be made at tonight's study sessions. more meetings are scheduled this month. san jose has not seen a homicide since august 23rd. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, ktvu news. a school in east oakland was briefly locked down today after a shooting near by. all happened about 3:30 this afternoon near markum
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elementary school. a school district spokesperson says a woman was shot while sitting in her car with a child. students were being dismissed at the time the school was put on lock down. oakland police say the woman was taken to highland hospital with life threatening injuries. police in redwood city are using surveillance video to help catch a home burglar. the man in this video broke into a home on lion street last month. they say the man rang the front doorbell before getting to the house through a rear sliding back door that was left unlocked. he made off with electronics and jewelry. anyone with information is asked the contact redwood city police. you can get another look at the individual in the video by going to now to the race for the white house. and an exclusive new ktvu field poll that suggests president obama should have no trouble winning california this november. even though the polls show a close race nationwide, here in california the president has a wide lead. 58% of likely voters now say
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they will vote for the president. while 34% say they're supporting republican challenger mitt romney. election day is just seven weeks away, tonight mitt romney remains on the defensive after a video emerged where he tells a room of republican supporters that nearly half of all americans believe they are victims and are dependent on the government. reporter jim acosta has more on the controversy and what was being said today. >> reporter: for mitt romney it's pressure cooker time. the hidden camera footage reported at a fundraiser of a home at a wealthy financier has him backing up on defense. >> 47% of americans pay no income tax. >> reporter: romney is asking no apology for his comments on the video that dismiss president obama supporters on unreachable because he says they are hooked on government assistance. >> 47% who are with him that believe they are victims.
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>> reporter: at a hastily arranged late night news conference, he would just say he used inadequate words. but he stood on his analysis of the race. >> i know those that don't pay any tax, 47% of americans i'm not likely to be highly successful with the message of higher taxes. >> reporter: some point out there are also many gop voters who also receive government benefits while paying no income taxes. on one side david brooks from the new york times complains, romney is running an inept campaign. over at the white house, jay carney showed solidarity with what many republicans are now referring to the 47%. >> when you're president of the united states you are president of all the people.
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not just the president who voted for you. >> reporter: and president obama had a similar response during tonight's appearance with david letterman. the president said romney is writing off a big chunk of the country. >> my expectation is if you have to be president you have to work for everybody not just for some. >> mitt romney's comments were first made public by mother jones, the news organization based in san francisco. and the attention its received has been global. >> pretty phenomenal. we've had double the traffic of our previous biggest day ever. we've been picked up by news outlets all over the world. >> reporter: the magazine's website usually gets 250,000 page views per day. but yesterday it had 2 million. the editor of mother jones says they received the video a few weeks ago then spent time discussing what to do with it. she also said they assured the source of privacy. a new report out today
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reveals startling statistics on obesity in america. here is what the researchers found, as of last year 12 states had an adult obesity rate above 30%. if i can get the number to come up for us right there. health advocates say if that trend continues by 2030, all 50 states could have obesity rates above 44%. now let's get rid of these numbers and move to california. here's what they found in california, take a look. as of last year 2011, the adult obesity rate was 23.8% and if that trend continues by 2030 that number could almost double to more than 46%. because of the obesity problem the city of richmond wants to add a tax on drinks that have sugar in them. voters will decide on the issue in november. new at 10:00, patti lee is in richmond and found that there's strong opinions on both sides of that issue. >> reporter: even though obesity is a major public
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policy problem, many people believe that weight is a private matter. and when the long arm of government starts reaching into the beverage aisle, some say it's going too far. after a decade of obesity, carol says she finally has a handle on her weight. >> i have struggled with weight off my life and i lost a few pounds a couple of years ago. >> the soda tax is critical. >> reporter: obesity is the reason government is getting involved. the city of new york recently banned selling supersized sodas. >> i don't like it. i don't agree with it. i don't think it's something that will work. >> we don't need government to
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raise our children, we raise our own. >> reporter: this government official says that government doesn't have any business in people's decisions. but some say some taxes work, just look at cigarettes. others including this group of women who are trying to stave off health problems by exercising say fighting fat can be a lifelong ordeal and prevention is the key. >> kids look for guidance from their parents to guide them in the right direction so yeah we have to educate everybody including the parents. >> reporter: the idea of an excise tax on sodas has been kicked around by other states and country. so how it kicks off here will be looking at for the rest of
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the country. a study is trying to link a chemical and obesity in children. the study looked at bpa in fatty foods. a recession in bay view neighborhood this evening welcomed a popular afterschool organization. college track is a program that helps high school students prepare for college. the organization hopes a new building at third and gerald will allow them to double the number of students currently attending from 240 teens to about 500. >> seeing kids come out with backpacks having just studied for the a.c.t. and participating in tutoring is great for kids.
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>> college track already has programs in east palo alto, oakland and new orleans. students of california state universities are looking at tuition hikes if governor brown's bill does not pass by october. it's estimated the failure of that measure would trigger $250 million in cuts to the state university system. but if the ballot measure does pass, a 9% tuition increase set to go into effect this fall would be rescinded. some people that made last minute purchases to beat the tax may be surprised. amazon said it charges taxes when items are shipped not when they were ordered. some economists say the new tax on online goods could bring in nearly $80 million a year to
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california's general fund. because i wasn't straight enough and i wasn't gay enough. >> recognizing bisexuals with a day in their honor. at 10:30, the landmark vote in one bay area city tonight. >> police are using a new tactic in the east bay to rid apartment complexes of troublemaker. we'll tell you why the simple
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already considered one of the greenest cities in america san francisco is looking at a green ambition to change the way residents buy electricity. heather holmes live in the city to tell us about today's landmark decision by the board of supervisor, heather. >> reporter: san francisco has long encouraged residents to go green like ditching their cars and biking down a bike lane instead. now it wants residents to ditch -- >> it really is about protecting our plant in san francisco continuing to lead the way when it comes to
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environmental issues. >> reporter: under the plan san francisco will set aside $13.5 million to purchase energy. it does cost more with the average electric bill increasing about $18 a month. >> we'll take a good look at it and see how we'll improvise. >> reporter: he sited the financial risk to the city if fewer than 90,000 people sign up. now that it's been approved the mayor told us he wants to make sure customers understand that they'll be automatically signed up if they do not opt out. >> people do not want to be surprised that's what we want to make sure we work at. >> reporter: mom rachel hyde was thinking about installing solar panels but now she says she won't have to. >> paying an option that i just
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pay per check and not pay for construction, sounds like a good option. >> reporter: it'll still be a few months before this option is implemented. two oakland teenagers are under arrest in connection with an armed robbery at the alameda ferry terminal. 18-year-old steven pham and a 16-year-old boy were among a group of people who robbed 12 people at the terminal's parking lot in the early morning hours of august 18. some were reportedly pistol whipped. the suspects are also accused of firing several shots but no one was hit. police arrested 26-year-old julius scott of oakland on saturday for the fatal shooting of 20-year-old shaniqa lasum. the firefighter who was injured in a two alarm fire early this morning in downtown san leandro has now been
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releaseed from the hospital. alameda county fire responded to the fire at the tequila restaurant. the firefighter was on the roof venting the fire when he accidentally cut into his leg with a circular saw. the fire is still under investigation but it is believed to have started in a dumpster behind the restaurant. the clock has started for san francisco supervisors to decide if suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi is keeping his job. now the supervisors have 30 days to make a decision. supervisors received four volumes each with about 1,000 pages. >> it's difficult to go through anything of that value yule but the material is certainly --
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anything of that volume but the material is certainly interesting. a bay area city's new tactic to try to reduce crime at apartment complexes. ago janine de la vega explains if tenants get in trouble with the law they can now be forced to move out. >> at night i do a nighttime inspection of the properties too to try to take a look at all their lighting. >> reporter: bruce vance is on the look out for areas of the medallion complex to try to cut crime. >> if someone wanted to hop into this deck and break into this apartment, they could do that with this added concealment. >> reporter: those are just a couple of things apartment complexes need to do if they are part of the city's crime free program. >> we've been having the auto thefts, we were having apartment break-ins, domestic violence issues, just people fighting. >> reporter: new tenants must
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sign this agreement. so far 12 complexes are participating in the program. police say it has drastically reduced their calls for service. >> it adds the extra sense of safety to the public just knowing that your neighbor, if they're involved in any kind of criminal activity will be forced to move. >> reporter: apartment managers go through an eight hour training program to show them how to track suspicious activity and teach them how to react. >> it's been peaceful here and like i said, out of the six years this has been the best time right now. you see how quiet it is, it's like this all the time now. >> reporter: the policy only applies to new tenants who sign this agreement but if a current tenant's lease is up and they want to renew they have to sign this as well. janine de la vega, kt ktvu channel 2 news. it was a lackluster day for
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stocks. the dow raised 11.5. apple continued to rise going over the $700 for the first time. shares in apple are up 6% since apple unveiled their new phone last week. the stanley cup champion kings along with their home the staple center are now up for sale. the asking price will likely be in the billions of the dollars. the owner of both is selling them along with other interests. and your high temperatures today a lot like yesterday. some areas were a couple of degrees warmer. a couple of areas were a little cooler. but basically the same deal. these were the highs that were recorded today. 85 in fairfield, 85 in antioch. highs tomorrow just like these. it's going to be almost a duhly -- duh duplicate of what we saw today. you saw the sunset off the golden gate bridge as well.
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the fog lays out a pretty strong footprint. so we'll see plenty of fog and low clouds. kind of remind me of this morning. tomorrow afternoon that fog burns away. when we come back, we're going to lay out the change. things are going to start to warm up, i'll see you back here. we are getting word tonight that the pit bull that attacked a u.s. park police force in san francisco won't be put down after all. 1-year-old charlie was ordered to be put down last month after seriously injuring a horse on patrol. but an attorney for charlie's owner filed an appeal saying the city doesn't have the right to order the dog's death. and today a judge decided to stay the execution and look into the claim. the famous golden gate bridge is getting ready to make a new change. the new toll system that will prevent drivers from stopping
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toll takers have been a fixture at golden gate since the day it opened but soon they'll disappear. as sal castaneda explains drivers will have three options on how to pay their toll but stopping at a toll booth to pay cash is not one of them. >> reporter: soon you won't have the option of stopping to pay the toll at the golden gate bridge toll plaza. in february toll takers will be gone and the district will take up tolls using a new camera system. bridge officials say the changes will save the district millions. >> we expect to see a savings of approximately $19 million over an eight year period. >> reporter: beginning in february there'll be three ways to pay. one by using a fast track, two the pay by plate program that
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will record the license plate and send an invoice to the registered opener. and three at pay centers, which will be set across san francisco and marin. outreach will be directed at out of town visitors. most of the people we saw snapping pictures today got here on a car. >> i think it's confused a lot of people. >> reporter: some are actually worried about toll takers that will lose their job. >> kind of a shame in this economy when so many people are already out of work. >> it's a bad thing for people who need those toll taking job. i'm okay with the toll takers. i've gotten to know them as i've been driving through, they're livelihood depends on that job. >> reporter: bridge officials say as many toll takers as possible will be reassigned. and an outreach program will be released this fall to announce the changes. sal castaneda. the bay bridge is get ago
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new look. ahead, turning the work force into a work of art. we'll tell you about the curtain of lights and when it is said to debut. authorities are working to identify a john doe three months after he was struck and killed by a commuter train. he's described as being in his 50s or 60s and weighing around 130 pounds. the man was killed in san mateo on june 21st as he was crossing the caltrain tracks on a wheelchair. anyone with information is asked to call the coroner's office. the family of a san francisco retired firefighters who disappeared while on a cross country trip now says that he may have fallen from a tree. a witness saw dowd standing by a door. and another passenger later found an exterior door open.
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tonight the city of berkeley is believed to be the first city in the country to officially recognize bisexual pride day. amber lee is in berkeley and tells us how this whole idea came about. >> reporter: we're in front of the pacific center which offers they offers -- therapy and other services to the lgbt community. today we spoke to a woman who says she's bisexual and why
12:00 am
today's decision is important. it was unanimous tonight, the berkeley city council voted to proclaim september 23rd bisexual pride day. supporters say it's a date that's been celebrated since 1999 by the bisexual community but largely unknown to mainstream society. chris worthington proposed the idea. >> everybody says the lgbt community, and yet you know most of the time you're talking about the lesbian part or the gay part and very, very little about the b word. >> having a proclamation i think really opens up bisexuality as an identity and as a way of being in and of itself, and helps, i would think it would help people find their way. >> reporter: deline hall told us it wasn't until her late 20s that she realized she wasn't straight or gay. that she was attracted to both men and women. she says it's still a journey of self-discovery. >> i personally am learning a lot about so i think there's a
12:01 am
lot to uncover. >> reporter: hals says being bisexual assault she was marginalized a lot. >> because i wasn't straight enough or gay enough. young adults look up to what's happening in their company. >> reporter: unlike the large and flamboyant celebrations, the bisexual celebration will be small. along the line of a brunch. the name change to fitness sf is a result of gold's ceo donating millions of the dollars to anti gay conservative organizations. the local jim owner said they
12:02 am
wanted to make their disassociation clear. federal officials arrested a san ramon attorney today. mary alice nolan is facing six counts of fire tapping and tax evasion. she used christopher butler to bug the cars of her client's husbands. butler pled guilty to illegal wiretapping in may. nolan is also accused of trying to duck the irs by allegedly failing to report $2 million in income. the san francisco board of supervisors approved a plan . the municipal transportation agenshoff the plans that it says will make masoni avenue between fell and geary safer for pedestrians. the project will replace two lanes with pike paths, add a
12:03 am
center median and widen the sidewalks. construction is expected to take four to five years. set up is under way for the tenth annual green force technology conference put on by sales force. registration has topped 90,000 people making this conference the largest ever. the event kicks off tomorrow at masconi center. featured speakers include virgin group founder sir richard branson. sunny vale police are on the search for two men who robbed a bank branch this morning. two masked men entered the bank at about 11:30 this morning. police say no weapons were seen during the robbery and no one was hurt. investigators are now reviewing surveillance footage of the bank. police did not say how much money was taken. only on 2, the former leader of your muslim bakery is
12:04 am
resurrecting the organization from behind bars. christien kafton has the details on the organizations new presence online. >> repo: store front is vacant today but your black muslim bakery is reemerging online, on the website a letter reads in part, we wish to give you a brief history of just who we are, what we stand for and how we wish to proceed in our mission at this time under the name your black resurrected nation. bay is currently serving three consecutive life sentences in salinas prison. he goes on to say the missions of your black muslim bakery is now entering a new phase. and make no mistake, we'll be greater and better than we were in the past. ktvu has verified that he is getting direct for the site from the bey family. the organization also plans to
12:05 am
accomplish a security defense guard sdg or ybrn. now at the site of the bakery, some say they cannot believe the bakery would return. >> i just thought they were gone. the cops took them down. there was a murder some place. i didn't really follow it too much. >> reporter: others say the area has deteriorated since the bakery left. >> you can say worse because they used to stand outside, kind of like, how can you say it like street security. >> reporter: we reached out to the alameda county district's attorney about bey but her office has no official comment. in oakland, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. after learning what we uncovered the department of corrections and rehabilitation launched an investigation this afternoon to see if any laws are being broken. dozens of doctors working in contra costa county's health care system say a new computer system is hurting more than it's helping. the system cost $45 million and went online on july 1st. since then doctors say one in
12:06 am
every 10 emergency room patients at public hospitals left without being treated. county supervisors are asking for patient as they try to make that system work. a warning tonight about a growing scam in san francisco. who the district attorney says the scam is targeting. back here in just a couple of minutes, the fog went away this evening now it is back.
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12:08 am
san francisco officials are warning residents about a second group of scam artists targeting elderly chinese.
12:09 am
authorities believe a second group is still at it. >> it's very disturbing because they're the most vulnerable in our community that are being targeted. people that are unwilling to come to the police because they feel ashamed. >> gascon showed a video of how the scam works. when the thieves return the bag they tell the owner not to open it for several days. when the person does open the bag, they discover it contains rocks and that their valuables are gone. federal officials announced a bay area man is among 21 people indicted in a student aid fraud scheme. myron jacobs is accused.
12:10 am
in mexico authorities have captured three of the 132 inmates who escaped from a prison near the border with texas. the prisoners all got out yesterday through a 21-foot long tunnel. mexican officials said the break out was apparently organized by the zeta drug cartel. mexico has had a real problem finding prison guards that can pass background checks. the strike brought attention to their poverty living in tin shacks without electricity or running water while the mine owners got rich. in north korea, national television released footage of kim jung ung celebrating. those leaders are his father
12:11 am
and grandfather. the show involves nearly 100,000 children and adult performers. critics though say it's merely a -- a propaganda show. the chicago teachers union is ending a strike. the vote was not on the contract itself but just weather to end the walk out. the teachers are expected to vote on the contract offer during the next few weeks. it includes a 17% pay rise over four years. and police in arizona can now ask people to see their papers. a federal judge has given the go ahead for the so called show me your papers provision of arizona's immigration law. federal officials say they will
12:12 am
watch for discrimination. a flurry of sightings of gray white sharks. more of this video that shows just how close they're coming to shore.
12:13 am
12:14 am
you may not see them but they're out there. in the last few days there's been a flurry of great white shark. if great white is both feared.
12:15 am
>> just to see the silhouette of a great white shark just struck fear. >> these sharks come here every year. the same type of year, same season. >> welcome back, did you guys see anything fun. >> reporter: they run aerial shark tours. >> when the water is clear we see them, when it's not we don't see them so they're there all time. >> reporter: then som era n gave us this video he is tagging great sharks. >> these sharks are vulnerable. poaching and incidental tape has all occurred. >> reporter: experts say always surf with a buddy and whenever you are in the water be aware. >> if you ever see a large
12:16 am
animal and unusual and threatening report that to rangers. >> reporter: great white sharks gather in the peak time next month. they call it shark-tober. ktvu news. it is the end of an era at the santa cruz beach boardwalk. officials have begun to break down the hurricane roller coaster. the khole's department store chain has announced they will begin hiring for the holidays. advertisers use personal information from facebook to
12:17 am
target users on other apps or sites. facebook says privacy will be protected. analysts say one of the big challenges facing facebook is figuring out how to make money on the mobile experience. work is about to start to transform part of the bay area landmark into a work of art. internationally known artist villareal has designed a curtain of lights. the plan calls for 21,000 computer controlled lights to start displaying patterns next march. for safety reasons the lights will point outward so the drivers on the bridge won't see the light show and become distracted. the fog went away this evening. you saw the sunset now the fog is coming back in. you can't see the fog but i can see it using infrared imagery. i can tell you it's right in here along the coast. it's starting to fill in. tomorrow morning it's going to be something like this. it's going to get about where
12:18 am
it was this morning. fairly good push inland. that means you start off tomorrow a lot like today. i mentioned this earlier tomorrow will be a lot like today. temperatures today were on the cool side. temperatures yesterday around the cool side. so little change for your tomorrow. as we head into the weekend. let's friday, saturday part of the weekend kind of it's going to be nicer. a little warmer on friday and sunday. then temperatures dip again on sunday. these are all subtle changes. the forecast overnight lows are cool. we've been talking about that for the last couple of days. overnight lows will be in the 40s. 51 in fairfield, so as you go out of the house tomorrow, the kids themselves you're going to need a jacket. if they come home late, 6:00 or 7:00 especially if you're on the ferries crossing the bay. the fog pretty dynamic into napa. fog pretty much for a lot of locations tomorrow. then the fog burns off quickly
12:19 am
and temperatures do they warm? a little bit. but look at this temperature footprint. those are 70s, those are 60s, those are 50s inland. we will see some low 80s but their fairfield, eastern liver mother valley, southern santa clara valley. the story is this low pressure center. it's going to be here the next few days. it's disrupted. oftentimes you get a high pressure, much higher fire danger. worse air quality. but in this case the low has given us great air quality. and temperatures tomorrow will continue in that realm. 85 tomorrow in clear lake, 80 in fairfield. i take a survey of people around the bay area and they're going to tell you they like this weather. you get the fog and you get the sunset too. you get a little sunshine in pacifica and out in the avenues. they love the fog and they like the sun so they're getting both. 67 in menlo park and 67 in
12:20 am
mountain view. five day forecast your bay area vehicle end -- bay area weekend in view. we just haven't had issues it's been really even. >> steady, mild. >> really steady and mild. >> not too many highs, not too many lows right in the middle there. great news for people who like wine. this year's crop is going to be a good one. harvest is now under way and it's expected to last well into october. and according to allied grape growers which is a grape growers association. the wine grape crop is expected to reach close to 4 million- tons and that would equal california's second largest crop ever. we got a look today inside sutro reservoir. it is empty so crews can begin retrofitting. officials say this is the final project within the city of san francisco in the massive upgrade of the water system. the sutror retrofit is expected to be complete in 2015.
12:21 am
it's part of a much larger $4 billion water system improvement project still ongoing outside city limits. it is a play off push at at&t park toni [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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officials in contra costa county are taking another step to stop the spread of west nile virus. san francisco's one step closer to expanding it's ban on plastic bags. a superior court judge this afternoon upheld the new law that would apply the ban to all san francisco retail stores and food accomplishments. the move clears the way for the city to begin enforcement as of october 1st. san francisco already enforces its plastic bag ban in large supermarkets and retail pharmacies. joe is in for mark tonight and he comes in with more news for giant fans.
12:25 am
>> they move one step closer to clenching the league. the giants had already taken a 2-0 lead off francis thenned add to it here in the sixth. that scores hunter pence. they already had run in another run. pagan sends one to left. blanco scores, pagan goes to third with his 14th triple of the year and ongoing san francisco giant record. one more run of the inning when marco scutero scores pagan with the appearance of a bearded gnome in the bullpen. the a's began a brutal road trip that will take them to new
12:26 am
york and texas. holding one of the american league wild card spots, none of that changed but the outing did not start that well. fielder got to them again. the tigers get the 5-1 lead. all gravy for the tigers when cabrera came to the plate against jesse chavez in the eighth. that's a grand slam. cabrera's second homer of the night. nhl players were locked out by the owners on saturday. and they are now dispersing to all corners of the globe to stay busy in the meantime. joe thornton has agreed to play for a team called yagos he did so last year as well and actually that's where he met his wife. other sharks headed abroad, jason demura said to play in
12:27 am
finland. this is the nhl's fourth work stoppage in the last 20 years. south bay race car driver a.j.almendinger is characterizing it as a lesson learned. he tested positive for aderol. lost his wide with penske racing. but was penske's guest last week. and half of the father and son team that revolutionized the way the public sees nfl football has died. steve sabel and father ed founded nfl films. steve died today from brain cancer his father turned 96 this month. nfl films really revolutionized the way we look at football and all the things they did, slow motion, all the various things
12:28 am
they did. >> the films are just amazing. thanks joe. >> sure. thank you for trusting ktvu
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